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Spirit Medicine Series: Spirit Names

Posted on November 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Are people who don’t have rituals and special naming ceremonies missing an important component of self-realization and Soul Purpose? Most indigenous cultures all over the world, from Africa, India, Thailand to the United States consider how you recognize a person as very important.

In Thailand, a woman goes into nature, sits by a tree and calls to the Spirits. Her communication results in meeting the baby-to-be Spirit. She knows the name, even the sex, before conception with the father.

Some tribes name their children based on events, or visions or passing a generational tradition down.

Birth Name There are many processes. There isn’t a right or wrong way. You end up with the right name regardless of the process because you influenced the choice before you were born. Doesn’t matter if your title is the result of a spiritual or business process: you helped choose how you are recognized here on Earth.

Spirit Names are different. We are here on a Journey to experience life on Earth and to transform our Energy to live in Enlightenment. Enlightenment is obtained when you can operate all states of Consciousness while awake. When you connect your Body, Mind and Spirit together, you are in harmony with the Universal Life Force Energy. The Energy vibrations create a magnetic energy field that allows you to interact with Universal Intelligence. Your Journey, your Soul Purpose, is awakened.

At this point in your Journey, part of transforming your Energy is joining the physical (Body), Mind (thoughts) and Spirit (Energy) together. You are ready to recognize the name that resonates with your Spiritual Vibrations, your Soul’s purpose and your destiny.

Your Spirit name will change as you grow. I was Running Deer in my juvenile years as newbie enlightened person. Running Deer is part of my totem. Akasha was another name I added to my totem from my teenage years. My totem also has Power Animals that I frequently exchange Energy with.

How do you find your Spirit Name? You will feel when you are ready. Reading this article helps you to have the language to trigger the remembrance of your Body, Mind and Spirit connection. You can perform a Special Ceremony to recognize your readiness. Sometimes people receive the information in the form of visions and dreams, too.

A person could change their birth name to their Spirit one. Some folks keep it private. It’s your personal choice. I love being called my Spirit name in groups of like-minded people. I really like my birth name, so I’m not likely to change it.

You are not missing an important part of life if your parents didn’t do a special ceremony to decide your name. Most parents actually do, though. Just because the choosing wasn’t done with smudging sage and visions, doesn’t mean the process of choosing was any less specific or carefully chosen. Connecting the Energy sources of the Body, Mind and Spirit can transform your Journey to include awakening your Soul’s Purpose and revealing your Spirit Name.