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A Larger Penis Is More Likely to Give Women Powerful Vaginal Orgasms – Research Shows!

Posted on November 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

The penis is a man`s most prized possession and men are very much aware of how their penis compares to others. It is very easy for people to say that size is not an issue and for some people and in most situations it might not matter. Those who have claimed that size is not an issue at all, have been proven wrong – at least to an extent. The Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a research which shows that the size of the penis does indeed matter when it comes to providing pleasure in the bedroom.

According to the research penis size plays a role for some types of orgasm and some women. The research paper, which was published in September of 2012, found that women who often have vaginal orgasms, say that they climax quicker and more easily with men who have bigger penises when compared to other women.

In this research a psychologist named Stuart Brody from the University of the West Scotland asked 323 women about their sexual encounters. These women were asked questions about their sexual behaviors recently, penile-vaginal intercourse and also about other types of sexual acts. Not only that, but these women also answered questions about whether a larger penis influenced their ability to receive orgasms in the form of vaginal stimulation.

The hypothesis that size does indeed matter, was supported by the fact that the women, who reported to have the highest amounts of vaginal orgasms, were more likely to say that a larger penis is better! The reason why a larger penis might induce more vaginal orgasms could be because a larger penis can stimulate the entire length of the cervix and the vagina.

This shows that penis size matters to women just as much as other traits such as personality, intelligence, height, social status, sense of humor and wealth. The Journal of Sexual Medicine also reported in early 2012 that clitoral and vaginal orgasms activated different areas of the brain and that they were completely separate phenomena.

The popular belief is that the only way to make a woman orgasm, was by stimulating the clitoris. But according to several essays published in April of 2012, there is more that one way to give women sexual satisfaction. Research has shown that women can not only climax through sexual intercourse itself, but the orgasm is very much different from those women who reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. There are many more important findings which came out in these essays:

  • Women can reach orgasm not only through clitoral and vaginal stimulation, but also through the stimulation of erogenous zones and some women can even “think” themselves to orgasm.
  • The G-spot could actually play a part in the pain relief for women when giving birth.
  • Physical and mental health could also be linked to vaginal orgasms. Healthy women being more likely to reach climax without the need of clitoral stimulation.

The research shows that a larger penis is more likely to give women powerful vaginal orgasms. Although there are lots more factors involved such as the physical and mental health of a woman. A vaginal orgasm can not be pushed and the quest for alternative orgasms should not become a duty!

Some men have this black and white thinking that a small penis means no orgasms and a very large penis means vaginal orgasms every single time like magic. Getting obsessed with the size of your manhood is not very healthy!

But since penis enlargement through penile exercises is possible, then why not make your penis a bit larger if you want? These days penile exercise programs are not only designed to make the penis larger, but they are also designed to enhance every aspect of the penis such as stronger erections, ending premature ejaculations and helping men have multiple orgasms. So if the opportunity is there, it would be a shame not to use it!